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Not everything one thinks should be said; not all that is said should be written; and not all that is written should be published.

Rabbi Yisrael Salanter

Michigan J Frog has been singing in my head all day.

Thus has it ever been… thus will it ever be!

a woman pulls out the pins that restrain her long black hair and throws them to the floor. two bare-chested men sing passionately. birds burst from the trees. grass blooms. and you with it. with them.

and the crowd keeps moving: remembering how it is to run, to laugh, to shout for no reason but for the running, laughing, shouting. And before you know quite why or how, you too are running, and laughing and shouting.

great times are ahead, great times. and you will do great things

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We have too much of a lot of things. And not enough of the quiet, reflective, dreaming hours that gave us giants like Ray Bradbury. With an empty, mindless, overheated media that makes stars of all of the narcissistic hustlers out there, selling themselves as product and recycling—or pirating— all of their “ideas” from someone else, it may be some time before we see another. But people like Ray Bradbury will still be read and treasured long after the hustlers and the pirates are dead and buried.

The Secret Sun: Fare Thee Well, Rocket Man

To me the short story was sci-fi’s native form— present an idea, initiate a conflict, resolve the conflict and see where the idea stands when the dust all settles.

The Secret Sun: Fare Thee Well, Rocket Man

It rained here all night and the blood moon still rocked my world.

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Democritus, [was] the fifth-century philosopher and atomist renowned as antiquity’s most inveterate laugher. … In the philosopher’s home city, his compatriots had become concerned at the way he laughed at everything he came across (from funerals to political success) and concluded that he must be mad. So they summoned the most famous doctor in the world [Hippocrates] to cure him. When Hippocrates arrived, however, he soon discovered that Democritus was saner than his fellow citizens. For he alone had recognized the absurdity of human existence, and was therefore entirely justified in laughing at it.

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transforms the interiors of humble paper bags and cardboard boxes— evoking contemporary architectural spaces through a shift in point of view before printing them at a monumental scale.

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Learn from James Brown, dance as a form of communication.

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