“Yes, I can remember people telling me how much of a grip the US had on the world and I didn’t believe them. I thought it might be good to have an alliance to back up Australia in case of Islamic terrorism or something like that. But I now believe that the US government is one of the number one terrorist organisations in the world. I’ve reached that conclusion through my own research—12-months of intense investigation, reading the WikiLeaks cables, and examining the facts—and it is a non-party political conclusion because I’m not affiliated with any party. The US acts like a rogue state. It preaches democracy and human rights but doesn’t live by it and surreptitiously denies those same rights to all those countries it’s involved in. This doesn’t mean I’ve given up hope on the American people but they have to fight against what’s happening, they have to defend the democratic rights that were laid down by the founding fathers. If they did, they could be a beacon around the world, although I’m not sure though whether big business is going to allow that. I was an ordinary person when I got involved in this campaign but people have to realise that this case is pivotal for democracy in this country, and around the world, because we all share the internet. The technology of the internet has brought free information to the people of the world. We now have a voice—we don’t have to go through the mainstream media—and we can talk to each other across borders, across ages and occupations, and can share information for the benefit of the planet. This is a very important issue, not just for me personally because Julian is my son, but for the future of democracy.”