“The ‘08 and ‘09 were probably my favorites of the whole process, with flavors of cola, dark rum, peanut or peanut butter, and a little black pepper, perhaps. Both very complex beers, but friendly at the same time – like a philosophy major on ecstasy, perhaps.”

Tasting 5 years of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout

I just wrangled a single bottle of ‘11 from my local beer guys. They didn’t have them on the floor; I had to ask, and the guy winked and went upstairs to fetch me one (they had 10). They make this stuff in very limited runs, and most of it stays in Chicago.

Luckily, another place in town had them and I was able to grab an entire 4-pack. I think they still have some left too.

Splitting one tonight, and keeping the rest on hand for the end of 2012.