Kate’s awesome hermit post took me here where I read this:

She named her house after St. Cuthbert, the protector of hermitages

So I googled Cuthbert….but then realized I needed to add the, “St.”

But what you should take away from my experience and this post is not that Elisha Cuthbert is a beautiful woman (she is), but this:

After spending so much time with hermits, Mr. Bevilacqua believes that greater emphasis on accumulating material wealth, along with the growth of the digital and virtual worlds of video games and social media, has brought mankind further from a quiet pursuit of a simple, reflective life.

He says that this series is like a mirror to the viewer.

“I worked all day long for years to pay for my house, and these people live on nothing, nothing,” he said. “Maybe they are right, and I didn’t really choose. Even if you are not a hermit, you can choose your life.”